Saturday, March 19, 2005

Two-Year Anniversary Hasan Akbar UPDATE

Well, looks like I became a victim of the notorious muslim name-spelling variants. Sgt, Hasan Akbar's recent news was pointed out to me by Bubblehead. Spelled "Hasan Akbar" not Asan Akhbar, however. Although updated news is available, it has strangely not been picked up yet by most of the media, which seems to indicate a coordinated blackout effort. The latest interesting news link is the March 4, 2005 News 14 Carolina article. Hasan Karim Akbar (born Mark Fidel Kools) made another court appearance when his lawyers tried to block evidence the prosecution wants admitted. His attorneys say certain autopsy photographs will prejudice the jury. One picture shows a victim wearing his combat boots with blood all over his body. Prosecutors also want several statements in Akbar's diary read to the jury. But some of those statements were written in the early 1990's, before Akbar enlisted.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin in April. Akbar, 33, could face the death penalty, if he's convicted... "Fry" may not be the politically correct term for his just sentence, Allah willing,
as it implies cooking in one's own bacon fat to most Kentuckians.


At 31 March, 2005 16:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is final disposition of this case (and Akbar) taking so long? I figured he would have faced the firing squad more than a year ago. I thought military courts didn't suffer from the same incompetent listlessness of civilian courts. By the way, will the method of execution be firing squad or has the military gone the the lethal injection route? (Or maybe witholding food and water would be most fitting for execution considering the Terry Schiavo case. Of course the courts would never allow a degenerate murderer to be treated so shabbily)

Thanks and have a nice day.

At 31 March, 2005 16:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because of the “politics” of the situation, do you think Akbar will be spared the death penalty so as not to "ruffle the feathers" of other Muslim kooks out there? Do we want to keep him from being a martyr?

Hadji Abdul Kasim


At 06 April, 2005 15:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look REAL close BOYS,

He is no more middle eastern than "Calypso Louie", Malcolm X or Muhammed Ali....

Its just the fashion these days... Roosevelt and Theo wen out decades ago....


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