Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Media Investigation of Mar Lago Intrusion Not What It Appears

Chinese woman who allegedly snuck into Mar-a-Lago had device to detect cameras

  • Yujing Zhang's clumsily explained presence was set to appear as a bungled ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) by a Chinese national.
  • No doubt Zhang is Chinese, but she was not sent by China's government to get caught attempting to test, document and subvert (with her malware (on her thumbdrive) the security of President Trump's favored getaway.  "Now the FBI is investigating whether Yujing Zhang, 33, is an agent of the Chinese government.", says the New York Post, which also states that, The incident helped cost Secret Service chief Randolph “Tex’’ Alles his job Monday.
  • The Zhang intrusion was an effort to both discredit Mr. Trump's management acumen and to plant the suggestion of who, besides numerous Deep State subversives and George Dieid *, may wish POTUS assassinated before they can be held to account for their alleged seditious schemes, self-serving treachery, or treasonous activities.
  • First on our short list of potential foreign state malefactors is a North Korean fellow who runs a surprisingly capable organization for clandestine operations, who also has close ties with China and may already be developing an EMP-type nuclear warhead that could be purchased by or donated to the :
  • Finally on our short list of foreign states is Iran and its likely proxy,  anonymous, highly-educated ISIS sympathizers and operatives.
   * Juan Caruso prefers the NKA (next known as) name for an infamous  "philanthropist" who changed his given name to George S _ _ _.

 Submarines are always silent and strange.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Christine M. Blasey Ford: Lethal Peril

Twice Considered Already

Voters (regardless of their party preferences) have little idea about the depth of depravity twice considered by desperate  DNC's leadership: Taking the life of  Dr. Ford to muster immediate sympathy for the icon of abused women before November's midterm elections. Must be very tempting to one multibillionaire noted for bags under his eyes.

1. The first instance was apparent when DNC lawyers had Dr. Ford claim (obviously falsely) that she was afraid of flying.

Had Dr. Ford agreed to drive, be chauffered, be bused, or carried by passenger train across the U.S. to her recent U.S. Senate Hearing, she would obviously have been at risk of serious or even fatal injury at the hands of deranged (hardly conservative psychopaths) such as  (June 14, 2017 - Congressman Steve Scalise Gravely Wounded in Alexandria Baseball Field Ambush, or Jan 31, 2018 Train carrying GOP members of Congress hits garbage truck, one dead.

2. The second instance is, well, right now!  Is Dr. Ford worth more dead than alive to desperate Dem leaders (e.g. Soros)?  

The power of a bipartisan sympathy vote Dr. Ford could eclipse the facts and circumstances of Judge Kavanaugh's obvious innocence.  Could the Dems produce another Stephen Paddock patsy just-in-time (before the mid-terms)?

Considering the recently-demonstrated, extremely lawless  depths of depravity by Democrat lawyers it would be a convenient headline to regain undeserved power.  I would really hate to be in Dr. Ford's shoes right now, or in those of the poor pawn selected to harm her for political gain.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Facial Recognition Software Update by Juan Caruso


Juan Caruso will continue as guest blogger until Vigilis returns with more substance ...

Escaped Prisoner Still at Large (about 8 hours ago)
Sindri Þór escaped a low-security prison yesterday, fleeing to Sweden by plane. He had been in custody from 2 February for his partaking in a robbery of 600 computers which were specially fitted for Bitcoin mining.

An international warrant has been issued for Sindri’s arrest, and Swedish police are involved in the search. Icelandic police have questioned several individuals, including Sindri’s wife, in an effort to ascertain his whereabouts. He is believed to have had help in escaping the prison and reaching Keflavík airport yesterday.

Slightly improved finally, wouldn't you say?

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Submarine Humor Revisited


It seems too long since any submarine pranks or humor have been featured in one of ME's posts.  So we hope readers find the following links (2) refreshingly entertaining.


# 1 - [NEW] Former Faslane Commodore Thompson commanded five nuclear submarines during his career, including HMS Revenge (S27).   As told in his new book, On Her Majesty's Nuclear Service, and in this recent article  (near bottom) he confesses to a submarine wardroom prank with a wildly unintentional result. 

# 2 - [OLDER] From a decade or so ago, this 4 minute YouTube production: "Das Tub"

Submarines are always silent and strange


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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Kim Jon Un's Unification Strategy --- Critical Flaws


Trump's Strategy:  U.S. strategy has been to create enough internal strife in North Korea's poorly fed underclass to foment a coup by some disenchanted generals.  Spies, Agent provacateurs, and heating oil sanctions were in place and due to exacerbate the unpopularity of Kim's harsh treatment of his vital hard labor workers this winter.  

Kim's Delaying Tactics:  North Korea's co-participation in the Winter Olympics with its South Korean host brightened peasant morale in hopes of continued peace and brighter economic prospects of  re-unification. Continuing shipments of oil to the DPRK in violation of U.N. sanctions, also aassures much needed heating supplies for peasants merely trying to survive another winter.   

Kim appears to have averted a coup, at least this winter.

Kim's Longer Game

Reunification with South Korea:  Kim's sister Yo-jong extended an invitation last Saturday to South Korea's President Moon Jae-in for a two Koreas summit.  During the summit Kim may entice Moon with an offer to an offer to remove heavy artillery now aimed at the South, which would be very popular with the South's citizen's and businesses. In return, Moon would be asked to accept North Korean businesses in the South, and perhaps agree to get the U.S. out of the DMZ.

Suppose President Moon Jae-in leaves rejects Kim's proposals and departs the summit. Kim will publicize his offer and Moon's rejection--- not positive for Moon's electoral prospects.  Moreover, Moon could suddenly fall ill and die like Kim's step brother last year.
If Moon's replacement were more receptive to Kim's proposals he might also be more popular with South Koreans.

Kim's long term strategy is simply to survive and rule a unified Korea on a more prosperous footing to threaten the U.S. and its Asian allies.

Obvious Flaws in Kim's Longer Game

President Moon Jae-in well remembers Kim's capacity for homicide: North Korea's 'gruesome' murder of Kim's brother Kim Jong Nam in February 2017.  Why would Moon ever go to North Korea to ingest a slow-acting poison or a contract a fatal virus?

Without U.S. forces on the DMZ, the DMZ would not be viable, and Moon knows this.  All the more reason for any summit to be held in the DMZ under watchful eyes, ears and video.


1- As Kim's PR strategy evaporates due to South Korea's reluctance, Kim must quickly restore his harsh reputation.  He will authorize publication of interim executions within the ranks of his military, as well as civilian for crimes like theft and murder (rather than for growing desertion attempts).  Time table: Probably before the end of 2018.

2- Kim's vaunted submarine fleet will experience accidents and disappearances due to growing age and maintenance issues.  Time table: whatever remains of Kim's life.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Kim Jon Un Dictatorship Countdown: 5th Update (10 FEB 18)

Background (Trump's Watch Only):

14 May 2017, North Korea claimed it tested a "newly developed ballistic rocket" capable of carrying a large nuclear warhead. Early the next month the UN imposed a travel ban and asset freeze on four entities and 14 officials, including the head of North Korea's overseas spying operations'.

4 July, North Korea claimed it had carried out its first successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). By early August, the UN banned North Korean exports of raw materials (including coal) and limited foreign investments in the country.  Such sanctions aimed to eliminate about a third of Pyongyang $3 bn export economy.

3 September, North Korea said it had tested a hydrogen bomb that could be miniaturised and loaded on a long-range missile. Then, after a two- month pause, North Korea launched a Hwasong-15 ICBM missile in late November.  The next month the U.N. Security Council voted 15-0 in favor of tightened sanctions on the North to include:
 * Capping deliveriesof petrol products to 500,000 barrels a year, and crude oil at four million barrels a year, and
 * Restricting North Korea's vital source of foreign currency by:
   -Rrequiring N. Koreans working abroad to return home within 24 months.
   -Banning exports of certain N. Korean products, such as machinery and electrical equipment.

What has Trump's Strategy Been? 

Clearly, U.S. strategy has been to create internal strife in North Korea to foment an overthrow of Kim Jon Un's starvation regime.  Agent provacateurs and spies have been in place awaiting the accelerating hardships of winter cold on the huge peasant class. 

Trump's strategy was slowly working, so Kim's strategists pitched some brilliant, last-minute stymies to the Trumpl strategy. Kim finally bought into it, a little to late for the Olympics deadline, but even that was extended for the hope of world peace:
1- Subdue the winter's harsh impact by appealing to Russia, China and Germany, for example, to send heating oil on credit for emergency humanitarian relief.
2- Bolster the loyalty of North Korea's suffering peasants with news of their nation's participation in South Korea's Winter Olympics spectacle (ends Feb 25th), and DPRK will win several Olympic medals,again.
3- Encourage South Korea and the world to believe Kim is not a menace to peace, at all.  
4- Exploit a hopeful detente with the South by offering to remove a large part of its artillery corps in exchange for reciprocal arrangements to operate businesses in each other's countries.
5- Attempt to gradually Isolate the U.S. from world opinion regarding North Korea's sanction status.

Guessing the successes of #1-3, is easy: THEY WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. Whether or not #4 happens is uncertain at this point in time, due to possibilities of anticipated interim events.  PREDICTION:  If #4 happens, #5 is almost assured and allows the Kim regime a graceful way to survive for another year or provided Kim ceases missile testing and stops threatening the U.S. with nuclear destruction.


Our previous (October 10, 2017) update kept the Kim Dynasty at Stage 8 of Kim's trek toward his ultimate demise/disappearance.  Now that Kim seems to be winning, he bought himself two clicks in time, moving back to 10 on M.E.'s 0-12 scale  (12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 3, 1, 0). 

Submarines are always silent and strange.


Monday, November 27, 2017

ARA San Juan Missing New Questions Raised

UPDATE #3 (15 DEC 17) -  

Could answer Molten Eagle's original question (1) below about why the Argentine sub was traveling SUBMERGED AFTER its battery fire AND SNORKLE CASUALTIES? We had even alluded to a the possibility of a classified mission. Prediction (5) below, is now worth repeating:  Something very secretive in nature is neither being discussed nor disclosed.

According to today's related report  Family member: Missing Argentinian sub was being 'chased' 
The sister's account, made public Wednesday, was immediately blasted by Argentinian military officials as "completely untrue." But Jessica Medina, whose brother Roberto Daniel Medina served aboard the sub, told Argentina's La Gaceta newspaper in an exclusive interview that she received the message on WhatsApp just days before the vessel vanished Nov. 15.

"It was that weird message in which he told us he was looking for a British helicopter and a Chilean ship, but unfortunately we did not continue with that conversation, he stayed there. That was the last message," she said. In his messages, the sister said her brother told her the ARA San Juan was sailing close to the Falklands -- referred to as Malvinas by Argentina -- on Nov 3


Regardless of actual circumstances, Molten Eagle extends our heartfelt sympathies to families and friends of the latest 44 submariners to perish beneath the waves.

UPDATE #2 (4 DEC 17) -

According to today's related report Missing Argentine Sub's Crew Informed About Device's Failure in Sept
MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The crew of the missing Argentine submarine San Juan with 44 crew members on board reported in September [months before its loss] that the submarine's snorkel, a device which takes in air from the surface and ensures submerged operation, failed, causing water to enter into the vessel, the Clarin newspaper reported, citing the Argentine Navy report. [UNCONFIRMED]

However, according to the outlet, important parts were not flooded and the submarine was scheduled for repair works in 2018.

**************  MOLTEN EAGLE **************
If true, the above report underscores the relevance of our original questions (#1 and #2), why would ARA San Juan compound its difficulty (a very low after battery charge) with the attendant hazards of  sailing underwater? and was the diesel propulsion system out of commission after the snorkle flooded? However, an explosion quite renders question #3 (was the emegency blow system out of commission due to inadequate air pressure?) irrelevant.  Now that we know crewmember Rothlisberger was permitted to miss the sub's last departure after performing a series of tasks for his boss.  What, if any mechanical responsibilities did his boss have and such permission is rarely accorded unless the tasks have been so arduous that fatigue could undermine crew readiness. On the contrary could Rothlisberge's presence on the last trip have helped save the sub San Juan? A good journalist would at least ask probe glaring questions and perhaps obtain credible answers.

UPDATE #1 (4 DEC 17) -

According to a FOXNEWS  report 24 NOV 17 2 sailors didn't board missing Argentina submarine at the last minute

 At the very last minute, two sailors did not board the Argentinian submarine that has been lost in the South Atlantic [since 15 NOV].

For different reasons, Humberto Vilte and Adrián Rothlisberger did not board the submarine with the 44 other crew members, according to O Globo, a Brazilian newspaper.

Vilte was allowed to skip the mission after he learned that his mother had been hospitalized, O Globo reported. Rothlisberger was allowed
[to miss the trip after completing tasks] for his boss, according to O Globo. He avoided the trip in “a matter of seconds,” Sandra Álvares [his mother] said.


The submarine ARA (Armada de la República Argentina) San Juan (S-42) has been considered missing since 17 November, two days since it had been ordered back to its Mar del Plata base after reporting a water deluge through its snorkel short-circuited its forward battery and reportedly not heard from again.

The San Juan had only a seven-day oxygen supply when it lost contact, and a sudden noise was detected that the navy says could have been the implosion of the vessel. 
Navy spokesman Enrique Balbi told a news conference Monday as hope dwindled among some families of the 44-member crew, including Argentina's first female submariner, Operations Officer Lt. Eliana María Krawczyk


“They had to isolate the battery and continue to sail underwater toward Mar del Plata, using another battery,” Balbi said.


Unless another casualty has not been disclosed (likely) or a classified mission was still underway (possible?) why would ARA San Juan compound its difficulty (a very low after battery charge) with the attendant hazards of  sailing underwater?  Its Siemens electric propulsion motor would have been less taxed for underwater propulsion, but leave scant battery power available for new emergency needs. Also in the heavy seas after November 15th, submarines roll, pitch and yaw like bouncing logs, submergence was for safety and comfort. Rescue teams from the Royal Navy reported 33 ft waves in the search area.

Was the diesel propulsion system out of commission after the snorkle flooded? All the more reason to surface transit. If the snorkle valve system was badly damaged, submergence would have been a very poor choice.
Was the emegency blow system out of commission (inadequate air pressure), as well?  Dead in the water is usually preferred to dead on the bottom.

If a hostile presence was involved from which the San Juan sought to hide,  who was behind the hostile force? This seems very unlikely.

Was there a battery explosion due to saltwater exposure to battery cells?  This looks likely.

Something very secretive in nature is neither being discussed nor disclosed.

Submarines are always silent and strange.  

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