Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Listen to This iPod While You Snorkel ?

Your crew can enjoy their music library submerged to snorklelscope depth (up to 10 ft.) —Shockproof, impact-resistant and submersible new product — perfect for crews of model submarines or actual submarines of the Nigerian Navy. Includes waterproof headphones that sound great and keep the water out of your ears, Sonarmen! At 200 grams, it won’t weigh down your model sub.

From Steve Jones, Crd. USN (ret) award-winningSsubmarine Insignia website (Archive Number Two): "First off, here is some strange insignia news. Nigeria has placed orders for a number of new insignia with a US firm, including command at sea, divers and submarine insignia. There is no known Nigerian orders for submarines or even midget submarines. People associated with the United States Naval Institute Proceedings and Janes Fighting Ships have been queried and they are just as incredulous as I am. Nigeria's Navy is small and their country has economic problems, so the likelihood of them doing a major buildup is small. " I put this one in my Disney category.

If you want to see a photo of this item or buy one for your collection, they have been available from Bill Crosby ( Collectors are serious people. Check out Cdr. Jones homepage for his collection here.


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