Sunday, June 26, 2005

President-Elect Ahmadinejad Cinches Iran Goals

In a May 14th post Tehran's Submarine Gambit: A Modernized Hunley? The Ali Ghadir, and Iran’s fledgling “nuclear industry were declared icons in Iran's competition to become Islam’s center of manufacturing excellence. Sold to terrorists and successful only once in damaging a supertanker, it would send global oil futures higher than anyone has yet dreamed and it would unite "dormant Islamic radicals" behind the banner of world hegemony. We are seeing the modern equivalent of the H. L. Hunley. Lets not forget the desperation behind such “fish-boats.” Iran is to the Muslim world what Alabama was to the Southern states. So, a non-comabtant like India's Seagall could become a modern Housatonic for Iran.

President-Elect, Ahmadinejad said earlier today (Sunday) he will continue Iran's nuclear program. "The Iranian nation is taking the path of progress based on self-reliance. It doesn't need the United States significantly on this path," he said. "We need it for the development of our country and we shall carry on with it."

Mr Ahmadinejad, 49, won 62% of the vote in Friday's presidential run-off poll. He will be Iran's first non-cleric president for 24 years when he takes office in August. "Moderation will be the policy of (my) popular government," he said. "Extremism will have no place in (my) popular government."


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