Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Submarines, Always Silent, Always Strange T/F ?

A 1999 book by Richard Thompson called The Tiger Cruise relates the story of a Los Angeles class SSN, Norfolk destroyed by a tsunami, and an Iraqi mini-sub with Islamist terrorists enroute to the east coast to spread anthrax. Thompson (ex-navy) thanked USS Montpelier (launched Aug. 1991) CO Eyler and his crew for his own SSN orientation. Thompson's submarine thriller should not be confused with D. Morgan's 2001 book of the same name about terrorist pirates in Malasia and the destroyer USS Cushing.

After the first bombing of the WTC in Clinton's first term. (Feb. 1993)
True Lies the movie with future Gov. Schwarzeneger was released depicting Islamist jihad terrorists detonating a nuke in Key West, Florida (Jul. 1994)

After Tiger Cruise (Anthrax, Iraqi Islamist terrorists, tsunami, Norfolk) was published (1999):
1. A new US president, George W. Bush, was elected (Nov. 2000)
2. The WTC was re-attacked calamitously by radical Islamist terrorists (Sep. 2001)
3. Anthrax laced mail was sent to Florida, Washington, DC and other post offices (Oct. 2001-?)
4. After the UN fails to enforce its resolutions and Saddam fails to account for missing WMDs
the US lives up to its promise of pre-emptive strike on Sadaam's regime. (Mar. 2002)
5. Earthquake and tsunami strike Indonesia (Dec. 2004)
6. BRAC targets Groton Sub Base closure; Norfolk to get subs (May 2005)

"The reason truth seems stranger than fiction is because truth's precursor is often scenario analysis; the reason submarines are mysterious is because they are useful instruments for both stealth and deceptions."


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