Thursday, September 29, 2005

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Already Foresees His Own Demise

Al-Qaeda in Iraq terrorist-in-chief Abu Musab al-Zarqawi knows that he cannot survive more than months beyond October's popular referendum on a draft constitution. That will represent defeat of the very ideas Zarqawi represents, it will turn more, ambivalent Iraqis against the cause of Islamic radicalism, and he will lose his vital hiding bases (hint: his wherabouts are not unknown today).

Zarqawi will exhaust every resource at his disposal in attempts to prevent, delay or invalidate this vote. Although terrorists have the advantage of surprise and Zarqawi's will be particularly horrific (why have his beheadings stopped?), he now faces 'employment' problems: Turnover (the capture/killing of many of his top lieutenants) is causing an expertise deficit; payroll discrepancies among rank and file soldiers of fortune is eating away at insurgent strength; recruitment of suicide bombers has become more difficult and he is now forced to use Muslim women; finally, his popular support will be irrevocably eroded by ratification of an Iraqi constitution.

He has planned his own death at the hands of an ally, knowing the U.S. will not martyr him and he will endure a noose if constitutionally appointed Iraqi authorities capture and try him. The cowardly death he plans will not martyr him, either. He will share not a single day of eternity with anyone truly deserving of paradise. Zarqawi is not only doomed, he is now a short-timer (about 161 days) . Allah speed, villain.


At 01 October, 2005 06:37, Blogger CDR Salamander said...

I hope you are right. If there was someone needing a good killing, this guy is in the top 5.

At 03 April, 2006 16:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the author here just doesn't understand how iraq works. Zarqawi is a sunni muslim, and generally speaking, sunni extremists hate shiites worse than they hate jews. Zarqawi isn't popular but then again no foreign extremists are popular in iraq. The mainstream ansar-al-sunnah organization most likely has no ties at all and isn't involved in the sectarian violence. This could change of course, with shiite death squads roaming around. Payback seems inevitable.

While the resistance is strengthening day by day, it has little to do with the Al-Qaeda movement, since its membership rolls are tiny compared to the larger militias in iraq like Ansar-Al-Sunnah, SCIRI Badr Brigades, and the Mahdi Army.

The real problem here is the shiites, who up to this point quietly sat and let the Americans occupy iraq, knowing that they would drop the government's power right in their laps. With the situation disintegrating, and shiite patience nearly gone due to all the mass attacks on their people, America may end up having to do a Hanoi-style evacuation of Baghdad if full blown civil war starts. Its pretty darn close right now.

At 03 April, 2006 23:01, Blogger Vigilis said...

Anonymous, thank you for an interesting insight (you do not explain, however, how you come by this counterintuitive information).
Personally, it is difficult for me to believe a figure, who has expressed his abject hatred of infidel Americans, "hates shiites worse than theey hate jews." No doubt a proto-man like Zarqawi, however, is capable of hatred for even his own family.

Again you do no tell us how you know the "resistance is strengthening day by day". Do not fear: there will be no Hanoi type evacuation on Bush's watch, and if a Democrat or RINO repeats that error, it will be the last error of his/her political career.


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