Saturday, October 01, 2005

Stories You May Have Missed - Oct 1st 2005 UPDATE: UFO Photo

Why Abel Danger is not going to see the light of day (those coming forward are being punished now, will they also die prematurely?) until a sound, bipartisan refutation is concocted, because
people's faith in their elected government cannot be shaken further (according to those who have been and want to be elected). Sens. McCain and Clinton need to take stands, now. Weekly Blogscan: Able Danger and the Gorelick Wall here .

Who would have thought people with common sense could be correct? Study: Sun's Changes to Blame for Part of Global Warming report here .

Bubblehead explains I Am Pro-Victory, Not "pro-war", not "anti-anti-war", it simply indicates the way I feel: This is a war we must win.

Gus Van Horn recounts his evacuation from Rita, Katrina - Part I.

BBC NEWS visits the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, home to some of the best scientific brains on the planet. The world's master minds -what are they up to now?

New York Mosque Sting: 400+ year sentences possible for: Two Muslim men caught up in an anti-terrorism sting operation who pleaded innocent Friday as details emerged about 10 new charges against them.

EU Wants Shared Control of Internet; United Nations ( .gypsies, .tramps and .thieves) meeting in Geneva calls for a U.N. body to take over from the United States. Story here .

U.F.O. sighting from PigBoatSailor


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