Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Attention Submariners: Why Porter, Stout and Ales Could Be Good Us!

Research at Oregon State University shows that beer contains a micronutrient that inhibits cancer-causing enzymes: Beer's hops seen to inhibit tumor growth

Fred Stevens, an assistant professor of medicinal chemistry at Oregon State's College of Pharmacy. A chemical compound, Xanthohumol, was first isolated by Oregon State 10 years ago and now laboratories across the world are increasingly studying the compound which comes from the hops plant used to give beer its aroma and flavor. "It clearly has some interesting chemo-preventive properties, and the only way people are getting any of it right now is through beer consumption," Stevens said.

Most beers made today are low on hops, however, and so don't contain much xanthohumol. But beers such as porter, stout and ales have much higher levels of the compound. Xanthohumol was actually first discovered in 1913, isolated as a yellow substance found in hops. Xanthohumol also appears to have a role as a fairly powerful antioxidant - even more than vitamin E. And it has shown the ability to reduce the oxidation of LDL, or bad cholesterol.

Stevens and toxicologist Don Buhler, began to look at the compound from another perspective - its anti-cancer properties. It showed toxicity to human breast, colon and ovarian cancer cells, and most recently has shown some activity against prostate cancer in OSU studies. Read more here and at Cancer Chemopreventive Activity of Xanthohumol, a Natural Product Derived from Hop here.


At 08 November, 2005 21:01, Blogger Gus Van Horn said...


Coincidentally, I was just polishing off a Spaten Optimator when I read your post!

If you want hops, go for an India Pale Ale. Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA is my favorite. but be warned: It packs quite a wallop!


At 08 November, 2005 21:58, Blogger OP said...

Thank you Vigilis, may I have another?

At 09 November, 2005 03:31, Blogger Lubber's Line said...

In honor of the father of the modern submarine and an Irishmen (John Holland) I'll have a Guinness , if you please. - LL

At 09 November, 2005 14:21, Blogger bothenook said...

i think i'll have to print this out and leave it stuck to the fridge door with a magnet.
as a matter of fact, i think i'll do this at work to.
every nuke needs to be proactive in his health, right? i wonder if i can get the university to install a tapper in the lunch room. oh, and get rid of the outdated rule about no alcohol 8 hours before operating the facility. think they'll buy it?
i'd put in for a Sierra Pale Ale tapper if it was up to me.

At 10 November, 2005 00:58, Blogger Vigilis said...

Gus, thanks for the links and warning. 90 IPA, Wow!

Osapian, and Lubber's you got it, man!

Bothenook, let me know when you succeed with that little project.

Pirate's Ale

At 11 November, 2005 00:45, Blogger Vigilis said...

Drunksubmrnr, forgot you are Canadian. Cheers!

At 11 November, 2005 07:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I am glad that all of you have your favorites. But, with my vast years of beer expertise, I have discovered an amazing fact about ALL beer lovers.

The best beer in the world is the one bought by someone else - regardless of the 'hops' content!!!

At 12 November, 2005 22:53, Blogger Vigilis said...

Everyone: Did not know who i.b.drinkin was until he stopped by my house foe some brew and confessed. Believe it or not, he's a philosopher and personal aquaintance. There was a time, however, he subscribed to an excellent 'beer of the month' (micro brewery) club and there is no tellimg how many excellent brew of his I have drunk. Here is to hops!


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