Wednesday, November 09, 2005

USS Philadelphia Damage Worse Than Thought

We recall that USS Philadelphia (SSN-690) collided with a 625-foot, 52,000-ton Turk freighter, M/V YASO AYSEN, September 5th and that the Persian Gulf collision has been widely reported, with updated coverage detailed by our own Bubblehead, including theories of why one of the periscopes was damaged in a scraping collision and why sub radar may have been ineffective.

Then I read this, "After further inspection it was discovered that more damage occurred than originally thought." So decided to share with all of you, just in case any of it was new to you, as well:

+ The worst damage included a large hole in the rudder, scoring of at least one propeller blade,
(and the damage to periscope and fairwater planes).
+ The hull incurred a small dent (fortunately, the SEAL attachment was not aboard at the time)
+ The housing for towed array was 'crumpled'.
+ Some sound absorbing tiles were naturally strewn asunder.
+ The rest of the damage listing is described as 'fairly long'. (source: Baxter's Column, USCS Log, November 2005.)


At 12 November, 2005 12:54, Blogger Bubblehead said...

That pretty much matches what I had heard.


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