Thursday, November 10, 2005

Women and Submarines - WWII

WRNSs - Women's Royal Naval Service
were some 74,000 strong by war's end. They performed a variety of jobs previously done by men. Unlike women in other services, WRNS did not receive equal pay and status.

Women were not allowed on ships in active service, but they commanded and crewed 'powerful harbour launches' in foul weather. They were involved in loading torpedoes onto, but not into submarines. More here.

The British had reason to keep women off their warships. One was a pirate, Grace O'Malley, and GrĂ¡inne O'Malley was not alone. We know what would happen if Al Qaeda suicide sissies dressed up like the ladies above and tried to load one of those onto a sub, but the plot in Mission Complete is much better than even that. (No, I do not already know the author, but would certainly like to meet this one, someday).

Now, I must take my dose of Xanthohumol.


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