Sunday, February 26, 2006

Submarine Insights from a Devoted Daughter

If you are a submariner and have not yet found The Volunteers of Spritz's Navy a single web page compiled by Jeanine (McKenzie) Allen, you are missing something. McKenzie was a WWII Submariner, one of 74 lost when USS TRITON SS-201 began her ETERNAL PATROL - at a depth of 18,000 feet on March 15, 1943.

I do not know this lady, but she dedicates a wonderfully telling web page to her Dad, Lloyd C. McKenzie, TM1(SS), to all who fought in United States Navy submarines during World War II, and to all who have ever risked their lives in the "Silent Service" of the United States of America.

Go to The Volunteers of Spritz's Navy and read informative items like these for yourself:

The last and one of the most rigorously stressful of the physical tests was a 100' ascent from the bottom of the submarine escape tower, (where two volunteers had died) involving the disciplined and proper use of the "Momsen Lung". The "water works tests" caused many not to be selected when they exhibited signs of panic or lack of discipline.


So rigorous was the selection and training process for Submarine School, during the course of World War II, only 2,000 officers and 22,000 enlisted volunteers, highly qualified men, graduated from "Spritz's Navy", out of over 250,000 men who had applied for entry into the Navy's Silent Service.

Bravo Zulu to Jeanine (McKenzie) Allen, her Dad would be proud of his war orphaned daughter.

Another tribute to her Dad and (then Lieutenant) Captain George Whiting, U.S. Navy (ret.) can be found in Volume Three. World War II Stories from Online Readers here.


At 23 October, 2006 18:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this submarine's daughter. She is my wife. She married a sailor man. She is a Life-Member of the Naval Submarine League.

L. Allen
Secretary, Capitol Chapter
Naval Submarine League

At 23 October, 2006 19:49, Blogger Vigilis said...

L. Allen, you must be proud of this wife, a woman of uncommon dedication, spirit and talent for expression.

My heartiest salutations to you both!


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