Monday, March 06, 2006

News You Certainly Missed - Omaha and Sydney

What will Muslim mouthpiece in America, Ibrahim Hooper, say about this? He cannot appear credible saying much, but Molten Eagle guesses he would want to say something like this about this hearty, non-PC statement before the great idea takes off in America:

Australia February 23, 2006
"ANYONE who believes Islamic sharia law can co-exist with Australian law should move to a country where they feel more comfortable," Peter Costello, Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia said.

"The source of our law is the democratically elected legislature. There are countries that apply religious or sharia law – Saudi Arabia and Iran come to mind. If a person wants to live under sharia law these are countries where they might feel at ease. But not Australia. If someone cannot honestly make the citizenship pledge, they cannot honestly take out citizenship," he said. "If they have taken it out already they should not be able to keep it where they have citizenship in some other country."

The Oracle of Omaha, a Democrat with Uncanny Ability to Foresee the Future
for Investment Purposes (second wealthiest in U.S.) Speaks:

But, Warren Buffett speaks with objectivity ex-VP Gore will never get: Mr Buffett said it remained an open question whether "atmospheric, oceanic or other causal factors have dramatically changed the frequency or intensity of hurricanes" but after the worst quarterly losses in industry history it was prudent to limit exposure. ..."Our ignorance means we must follow the course prescribed by Pascal in his famous wager about the existence of God," Mr Buffett wrote to shareholders.

Summary: The Jury is still out on Global Warming, whether it even exists, whether it was caused by man or whether it is part of a 100,000-year cycle of nature.


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