Friday, April 28, 2006

Canadian Submarines: Surfaced for Green?

CANADA: Defence Department to delay repairs to fire-ravaged submarine until 2010
Delaying repairs to HMCS Chicoutimi another four years saves millions of dollars. Peter Haydon (Centre for Policy Studies in Halifax) tied the ultimate timing of extensive fire repairs to Chicoutimi to a scheduled, two-year refit availability. Sources inside Canada's navy expressed serious concern over the future of Chicoutimi, which was supposed to be back in operation by 2007 (now 2012), however. Damage repairs have been estimated as high as $100 million.

The four, used British-built subs have been plagued by assorted problems, including power buses, rust, flooding, and faulty valves. HMCS Corner Brook and HMCS Victoria are also out of service. Only one of the subs, HMCS Windsor, is still seagoing.

Readers may note that the 2012 completion year and the $100 million damage estimate coincide with possibilities to replace the Victoria Class fleet with modern AIP subs.

Submarines, always silent and strange.


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