Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Are Alleged Submarine Dolphin Kills Ever Appropriate?

Dolphin kills are always regrettable, whatever their causes, in the opinion of Molten Eagle's staff.

Is there any circumstance that would justify man's killing our sentient, mammalian companions? Starvation comes immediately to mind, yet we know of know maritime culture anywhere in the world at risk of starvation, and even that sounds a bit too cannibalistic to the PETA and vegan cliques.

That leaves one other circumstance to test: self defense. Today, a force protection exercise gets underway at the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in ST. MARYS, Georgia.

A joint operation of Navy security forces and the Coast Guard will be held at the base and in waterways surrounding Kings Bay. Navy officials say the drill will include the use of blank ammunition, flares and other so-called "noise-producing simulators." No live ammunition will be used, however. Navy officials would not discuss details of the drill nor tactics. The Coast Guard will be broadcasting notices during the day and provide mariners with specifics of the safety zone on waterways near the submarine base.

PETA, no doubt, will report flipper mortality from this latest naval exercise. We can hardly wait for the results.


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