Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Occupation: Global Warming Mongers

The Truth About Climate Change
If your life experience has been that it seems easier to predict the weather over the next 3 hours, than for any 3 hours five years from now, join your local meteorologists and objective (apolitical) scientist, if you can still find one.

Before Al Gore type climate change occurs in a significant way, the color of the Earth's sky will likely change. What was the color of the Earth's sky during the last Ice Age? We have no written record of anything close to 100,000 years ago, yet a consensus of people, including politicians, scientists and you no doubt think that the sky then was most certainly blue. In fact, every state has Blue-sky laws to protect investors from speculative ventures with only "as much value as a patch of blue sky." Such laws were first aimed at fraudulent exploitation by fly-by-night concerns, visionary oil wells, and distant gold mines. Scientists can extrapolate the gas content of the atmosphere a long time ago, but they merely arrive at a best guess concerning its actual wavelength and color compared to what can be measured today.

The Upside of Guessing: Self Fulfilling, Scientific Prophecy
Mr. Gore is personally invested in a firm that will benefit handsomely from increased government spending in private environmental service and product corporations in the event people panic and demand emergency governmental intervention to prevent the doom of civilization. Other nations benefit from large scale spending programs that the United states undertakes (whether buying arms or sending humanitarian aid). Currently, universities and scientists benefit with direct government grants to study "climate change" consequences. If they produce good news, the funds (taxpayer dollars) will dry up. If, on the otherhand, they can depress (or panic) our populace, higher tax rates can be justified to increase funding for their lucrative, lifetime, job security. If you work and already feel exploited, just wait until an environmental income surtax is levied upon your earnings.

Allow Me a Few Guesses
First, I guess that Mr. Gore, and the scientists doing the environmental alarm mongering will die much richer before the accuracy or error of their arguments can ever be proven.

Secondly, I guess more and more connections to dreaded consequences will be tied to a failing environment. This latest news demonstrates what the aforementioned grant monies produce for taxpayers. Alzheimers and cancer connections are surely being studied by now. "Seek and ye shall find" not only works, it has the potential to distort scientific objectivity.

Thirdly, citizens are about to see record-setting cases of corruption by public officials over the next 12 years in terms of dollars wasted and misdirected. Once scientific objectivity has been gamed (subverted) to the extent that it has now reached, potential whistleblowers are scant and watchdogs become marginalized. What is coming first - the next Ice Age or Global Warming? Did scientists get the food pyramid right (yet)? Human diet must be easier to assess than climate change, right? Eggs used to be bad for most of us, remember the 1980s and 90s?

Fourthly, when it is finally evident that environmental alarmism was an abdication of scientific responsibility for objectivity, new government regulations will be promulgated to prevent exploitative speculation by scientific grant recipients. Criteria to prevent conflicts of interest, such as random, double blind studies and progressive merit awards will be mandated. Imagine that, scientists.

Finally, it has been suspected for some time that Mr. Gore suffers from an undisclosed condition that causes cognitive difficulties and/or behavioral effects. Perhaps his exposure to elevated CO2 levels caused him to contract MORGELLONS DISEASE. Just a thought.


At 01 June, 2006 00:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. AlGore loves to distort and embellish (invented the internet? subject of Love Story?) and he's used to no one calling him on it.

Meanwhile, he asks in his film what we're willing to do to change the way we live but that doesn't apply to him. Or to his supporters in Hollywood who backed the movie.

At 01 June, 2006 23:13, Blogger Vigilis said...

Frankie, you are ot alone!


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