Tuesday, May 16, 2006

UPDATE: Now in Boulder, Colorado and Coming to Progressive Neighborhoods Near You: The Anonymous PC Posse?

Via gus van horn (Boulder Rolling Over Freedom of Speech), I have learned that Boulder City Council's funding of an anonymous "hate hotline" for a direct attack on freedom of speech was approved.

Tuesday, the Boulder City Council will take up the matter of allocating public funding for a "hate hotline," which would give residents an opportunity to report incidents in which Boulderites use tactless language. SOURCE: The DenverPost.com -Hat tip to If I weren't here, I'd be somewhere else...

What is the ACLU's response?
"Our concern - and there are many - is that there is no confidentiality, no legal confidentiality," explains Judd Golden, chairman of the Boulder American Civil Liberties Union, which has not yet taken an official position on the hate-line. "So it's potentially chilling if people think they are providing this information in confidence and then that information were provided to the government or the government sought access to it. That would chill free speech."

Should pranksters, politicians, trial lawyers, perverts, discontents, malcontents, rabblerousers, sociopaths, criminals, liars, revenge-seekers and activists tattle in confidence to the government? What happened to your right to be confronted by your accuser?

If Boulder adopts this nonsense a stream of litigation will be coming to Boulder. Who could be behind this misguided concept? Gee, which of the above litany could be behind the proposal?


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