Monday, June 12, 2006

Stealth Wings for Aerial Suicide Bombers?

United States territorial waters begin three miles offshore and end 24 miles out to sea. In 1999, U.S. agencies were empowered by presidential proclamation to enforce American law up to 24 miles (39 km) offshore, doubling the previous limit.

While there should be little doubt our president might intervene pre-emptively inside this zone, a terrorist stealth attack launched from outside the 24-mile limit could be more problematic for an administration beset by intimidating lawmakers who regularly question the legality of every move against radical islamist terror and want to impeach the man responsible for checking its secretive spread.

This artificial 24-mile boundary assumes incendiary proportions for defense against terrorists, including aerial suicide bombers, however, thanks to amazing, new personal flight technology (detailed, enlargeable photo here). Remember how advanced U.S. defense technology spread to China, via a contributor to a certain administration’s re-election campaign? Suppose a wealthy, state supporter of Wahhabi Islam influenced a future administration?

ABC NEWS ONLINE broke this story Wings' to carry paratroopers 200km (124 miles) from Jane's Defence Weekly on May 27th, and by now, many of you have read about. The 124 miles, by the way, is a low estimate. In otherwords, the hypothetical range not only exceeds United States territorial limits, it covers targets almost 100 miles inland.

The modular wing system is almost totally silent and extremely tough to track by air or ground-based radar. Jane's Defence Weekly reported that the next upgrade will use small turbo-jet drives, as used on unmanned aerial vehicles, allowing jumpers to be carried longer distances without jumping from such extreme heights.

You might think I am giving terrorist suicide bombers a good idea. Not at all, I detected what has already been done (June 6th) here. STRAP-ON 'STEALTH WINGS' ARE NOW AVAILABLE (see title at top and “Autor(a): Islamic Community”). Follow the thread; see photo above. note: Interesting Chiapas connection: villages under Zapatista control territory in an autonomously goverened region independent of Mexico.

What would prevent suicide Islamist paradise-seekers from adopting this new technology to carry Semtex or c-4 in aerial, stealth bombing attacks on any target within 100 miles of our coast? Comlpeting training would be crucial, in my opinion. Extremists intelligent and brave enough to successfully pass ‘batwing’ training are unlikely to focus on a suicide mission afterwards - the sense of accomplishment would overpower their despondency. All suicidal terrorists are encouraged to avail the training, nevertheless.


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