Saturday, July 22, 2006

Until August 8th, Microsoft Users Must Watch Out For This...

What is the worst thing that could effect your computer from a security standpoint?

Imbedded keylogging software, of course. What it does:
It surreptitiously captures your every keystroke, including passwords, codes and the most secretive data that you ever type. Highly useful in espionage— as a means of obtaining passwords or encryption keys, it allows bypassing of security measures for fraudulent purposes, as well. It covertly transmits the pirated keystrokes to the villain(s) who set you up.

Keyloggers are neither new nor rare to the internet. This one is particularly sinister for a couple of reasons:

1- It resides as a booby trap to a PowerPoint presentation someone can e-mail to you as well as in the name of the PowerPoint presentation.

2- It first appeared after Microsoft's July security patch issuance. Earliest fix? -August 8th.

Chinese characters are used in the subject line of the poisonous e-mail. Yet another reason for Bill Gates to hasten his exit. Never a dull moment. Thanks, Bill.


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