Saturday, September 09, 2006

Al Qaeda's Greatest Performances are Unintended

If infidels wished to expose the primitive mentality of radical Islamists as a primitive virus, they could not have hired a better PR outfit than Al Qaeda itself. Who else has helped the entire world make that connection?

Al Qaeda operatives must practice their dastardly acts. Even suicide bombers must be trained with duds. How does this work with nuclear bombs? Should we expect an accidental detonation with such complex devices? Perhaps, and it would be Iran's second nuclear accident.

Although Al Qaeda must train to perform adequately, rarely do infidel countries allow AQ the opportunity to utilize the same training twice.

It also has to be frustrating for Islamic extremists to have to use an American like Adam Gadahn in their latest video. What image does another Californian kook in a robe cast upon Al Qaeda? Gadahn, the immature, jobless underachiever.

Sentiment has finally turned against lingering pretense that political correctness applies to intolerant muslims myopically challenged by their jihadist worldview: PRIME Minister John Howard recently repeated that he had no need to apologise for telling Muslims they needed to embrace Australian values.

The more successful Al Qaeda believes its progress, the more the world will relegate its members into the margins of civiliztion. Has Al Qaeda earned respect. Only the respect we accord rabid animals. In the end, the only treatment available is to quickly quarantine and unceremoniously dispatch the poor animals.

While not curable, Rabies is preventable, and we must thank Al Qaeda for rapidly spreading its equivalent message of cure and prevention around the world. We are impressed by the depth of AQ's planning. To unwittingly inoculate the world against itself must require the thought process of a virus.


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