Friday, January 05, 2007

Guess the Target Audience If You Can Decipher the Subliminal Message

A picture is worth a thousand words, says an ancient Chinese proverb advising that complexities can be quickly assimilated with the right image. A well-crafted image often informs us more quickly and unambiguously than many pages of text.

With that Chinese proverb in mind, you are invited to evaluate the photo in terms of a clever, subliminal message. Once you see the subtle message, its target audience should become very clear to you, because only to them would that same message be obvious. I will not reveal the answer, since only the correct answer will be self-evident.

Here is the accompanying news article. One piece of background information not found in the news story, can be found here. I will tell you the piece of background information relates to the lady between Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Ellison.

Finally, I am fairly sure this photo-op and the controversy guaranteed by recent Quran oath stories have been orchestrated from the top levels of our government for almost six months. Were Democrats intentionally handed control of the House to make this photo possible for an important national strategy? I am leaning in that peculiar direction, and my opinions of Pelosi, Ellison, and our national security planners have improved because of this photo. Simply brilliant!


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