Sunday, April 08, 2007

Attention, Bystanders! "Instant Autotransfusion for Heart Attack Victims"

Qualified submariners are definitively biased toward action, rather than bystanding.
Here is a new way to volunteer...

From my favorite MD, on the New CPR...

Cardiac-only resuscitation by bystanders is the preferable approach to resuscitation for adult patients with witnessed out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, especially those with apnoea, shockable rhythm, or short periods of untreated arrest.

And if there's someone around not doing anything or unable /unwilling to perform chest compressions, have them lift both the victim's feet off the ground, up to the holder's waist level: that autotransfusion of 40% of the blood volume from the legs into the central circulation may be what enables CPR to succeed.

Read the whole thing posted in BehindTheMedspeak: 'New' CPR by bookof joe on April 8th as well as related background he posted during March.



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