Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Godspeed, Boris"

Readers of this post may remember incisive news contributed by 25-year journalist and sometimes Russian reporter Michael Hammerschlag relative to the sinking and rescue of Russia's AS-28 mini submarine in 2005.

Michael was a correspondent in the Soviet Union/ Russia as the largest empire on earth collapsed. He just authored DEATH of a BEAR, a brief opinion piece on the late Boris Yeltsin’s legacy.

Very informative and interesting. A few excerpts:

He was a man of the people, and the most honest and decent leader I’ve seen.

He wasn’t immune- in fact the assassination order had already gone out, but the Alpha commandos had had enough with corrupt old men ordering people to die- they actually joined the Yeltsin side, some tankers turning their tanks around to face outward.

The struggle had grown incredibly vicious- in Russia students don’t eclipse their mentors… they destroy them.

Please read it in its concise entirety.



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