Sunday, May 13, 2007

Selected Submarines: "Fugit Inreparabile Tempus"

An ancient Roman we now know as Virgil (70 BC – 19 BC), is credited in one of his writings besides the Aeneid with the original thought Fugit inreparabile tempus - modern abbreviation: time flies.

Virgil was a talented author also renowned in his day as something of a sorcerer. Today, in Parco Virgiliano (a park in Naples, Italy) there is still a monument tribute to Virgil, and a to his final resting place. An ancient access tunnel to the site was maintained and kept in use over all of the centuries until automobiles required new tunnels. Virgil certainly understood time.

To appreciate the irony of Virgil's observation (Fugit inreparabile tempus), apply it to one of the United State's most critical military assets, our nuclear submarine fleet.

They are involved in nearly all aspects of national security. Undetected, they gather intelligence, insert special forces, and are among the first to fire in times of conflict. ... During the Cold War, attack submarines were tasked with tracking Soviet ballistic missile submarines, destroying them if necessary, and collecting intelligence, said Jack Spencer in Congress Should Restore Funding to Refuel Attack Submarines back in March, 2005.

Now, many subs have been ridden hard, and some discarded. Of those remaining, here are some milestones we too conveniently may forget:

USS Maryland SSBN-738 15th Commissioning Anniversary June 13, 2007.

USS Seawolf SSN-21 - 10th Commissioning Anniversary July 19, 2007.

USS Louisiana SSBN-743 10th Commissioning Anniversary September 6, 2007.

USS Boise SSN-764 - 15th Commissioning Anniversary November 7 , 2007.

Rather than irrepairable, the latin word inreparabile denotes irretrievable (as in lost opportunities).

Submarine time always flies silently and strangely.



At 16 May, 2007 00:03, Blogger Daniel Davies said...

Thank you for your recognition of our nation's submariners. My bother is stationed on USS Louisiana (Gold), so I appreciate the heads-up regarding their upcoming anniversary. Thank you for your service to our country as well.

At 16 May, 2007 13:34, Blogger Vigilis said...

Thank you for taking time to comment, Daniel.

Because of daily sacrifices endured and the largely unheralded national security goals that submariners accomplish, others may sleep more soundly and take their country's freedoms for granted.

Vigilis and his family are also very grateful to your brother and those like him.


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