Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Move On Dot Organization Chart - UPDATE

Juan Caruso reserves no other rights in and grants free dissemination of this opinion cartoon PROVIDED that it is reproduced unaltered, as shown above.

Let's not forget (September 13, 2007): New York Times Gave Discount for 'Betray Us' Ad source


On Sept. 20, 2007, Molten Eagle added this headline for all patriotic Americans to joyously CELEBRATE: Senate Condemns "General Betray Us" Ad



At 21 September, 2007 18:04, Blogger Bill Zeller said...

The NYTimes has one rate for all non-profits. You seem to be implying that the content of the ad or the fact that was the advertiser resulted in a discount, when it's a blanket discount for any entity that happens to be a non-profit or charitable organization.

At 21 September, 2007 21:34, Blogger Vigilis said...

Thank you for your assertion. Is it a fact? Facts tend to speak for themselves and they are very stubborn (resistant to change or false implications). There is no need to imply anything when we utilize facts.

Any facts you have to dispute Abbe Serphos, director of public relations for the Times, (to wit: "the open rate for an ad of that size and type is $181,692.")
will certainly be welcomed here, subject to rational and critical examination. Try again!

At 23 September, 2007 03:50, Blogger BradF said...

"the open rate for an ad of that size and type is $181,692."

Apparently, you're unfamiliar with the meaning of "open rate" or that the Times charges a different rate based on availability (eg. When an ad doesn't have to run on any particular day, but if you're willing to have it run at their discretion as space allows).

Again, your radical political views seem to have led to a difficult relationship with either facts or research on this blog.

Oh, well. Try again.

At 23 September, 2007 15:40, Blogger Vigilis said...

Neither of you Bradz broached the pattern of longstanding, political bias some see clearly in New York Times political coverage. No matter, as you are both well aware, the U.S. Senate approved a resolution on Thursday denouncing the liberal antiwar group over their despicable advertisement run by the NYT. Let me guess, you agree with the Deocrat-controlled Senate's resolution. What a laugh!

Neither did you say that I offered no citation (quotation from NYT executive) to support a CARTOON.

Just because the NYT had time to think of a damage control story contradicting their own executive does not mean critical thinkers will believe (or ought to believe) the latter is credible.


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