Thursday, November 15, 2007

Submarine Technology from Ancient Sumarian Texts

Author Zecharia Sitchin published The 12th Planet in 1976 . Among the rather interesting items translated from ancient Sumerian texts is mention of elippu tebiti ("sunken ship - what we now call a submarine). Such submarines were possibly used to retrieve minerals, including gold from the seabed.

According to the timeline given, gold-mining operations commenced more than 360,000 years ago. The same timetable includes periods of glaciation and interglacial warmth between actual ice ages. A very interesting book, although the planetary stuff in the early chapters is well beyond my comprehension and interest. Readers unfamiliar with Sitchin's scholarship may be pleasantly surprised by ample illustrations of tablets, technology and language that referred not only to space travel, but actually included vapor trail - a concept that must have otherwise pre-existed any known use until the 1900s.

Sumer ("Land of the Lords of Brightness") was the earliest known civilization of the ancient Near East, located in lower Mesopotamia (modern Iraq). Its earliest records date to the mid 4th millennium BC (6,000 years ago). The term "Sumerian" applies to all speakers of the Sumerian language.

If the acclaimed scholar Sitchin is correct in his translation of sunken boats, the submarines he mentions predate any this writer has been able to learn of elsewhere.

Here is a related YouTube with Sitchin himself explaining:

That was Zecharia Sitchin...

It has now been years since I have read the 12th Planet, but there was enough in there to justify re-reading it.



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