Monday, November 26, 2007

Timing Spotlights the Reason for China's Abysmal Treatment of Kitty Hawk

What the Air Force News Network Reported
Nov. 20, 2007 - - ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, Guam (AFPN) -- B-2 Spirit stealth bombers from the 393rd Expeditionary Bomb Squadron simulated attacking naval vessels in their home port while over Hawaii Nov. 15 on a Koa Lightning exercise mission. ... These sorties, which are well over 20 hours in duration, tout the Air Force's unique capability to send long range bombers over any target, anywhere in the world, at any time. ...

What happened next
Nov. 21, 2007 -Reuters reported that China had refused permission for the USS Kitty Hawk Carrier Support Group to visit Hong Kong for a long-planned Thanksgiving holiday visit, the U.S. State Department said on Wednesday (Nov. 21st).

What happened next
Nov 22, 2007 - China opens Hong Kong to U.S. carrier - HONG KONG (Reuters) - China blocked a long-planned Thanksgiving visit to Hong Kong by a U.S. aircraft carrier group, then abruptly changed its mind on Thursday. But it was too late to save the holiday visit.

Potent Reminder the Chinese have known for at least a month
Nov. 22, 2007 - [The B-2s] have been flying test runs over Hawaii and Alaska since the Pentagon began rotating bombers through Guam in 2004. But they only started dropping inert bombs on the Big Island's Pohakuloa Training Area last month. ... The planes are equipped to drop "smart" bombs, or weapons guided to their targets by GPS technology. But they don't use it in the Hawaii drills. Instead, the airmen rely on gravity _ and extensive data on wind speed and elevation _ to deliver their unarmed bombs to the right spot. [color emphasis added]

Why the use of antiquated, gravity bombing drills may be of consequence to our Chinese 'allies'
If the answer to that eludes you, you may refresh your memory here:
May 10, 2007 - China's Greatest Military Threat is no longer its Submarines If the Chinese can render trillions of dollars worth of communications, positioning, targeting and aquisition satellites useless for pennies on the dollar, countries relying on such military technology would be reduced to (but ill-prepared for) conducting military defense and offense as it had been decades earlier.

The B-2 Spirit bomber made its debut on Nov. 22nd (1988) as shown in the AF YouTube video:

Capable of Accurate Targeting
Even without GPS! ...

The stated purpose for the B-2 bombing practice in Hawaii is for the DPRK's (North Korea's) notice. Perhaps the Chinese have extrapolated a truer target, and perhaps they are still humiliated by this unfortunate incident caused by with one of their submarines.



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