Friday, January 18, 2008

Russian Sub Oolie Update and Italian Submariner Video

Last Saturday, M.E. posed several oolies stemming from a video clip of an unidentified Russian submarine.

What is an oolie, you ask? In submarine lingo an oolie is a question not pertaining to one's normal duties, or one that tests system knowledge to the limit. source

Oolies are part of continuing, informal cross-training techniques which keep submariners mentally alert, even after qualification. Yes, astronauts use the same technique.

Attempts to answer the obvious questions (i.e. confirm the sub's identity) have been unsuccessful from the video's publication source, Russia Today.

Both SonarMan and the Armchair Admiral arrived at a likely missile boat (nuclear) of the Delta III class (between themselves they also listed Delta IV and Sierra [SSN] as alternatives). By further process of elimination, Armchair Admiral narrowed it down to one boat, the K-44 Ryazan. We still cannot be certain, but the reasoning of these two gentlemen has been very astute and is tentatively accepted.

Another question was what evolution is shown being practiced in the video clip? SonarMan seems to nail it: The evolution is cycling the torpedo tube breach doors.

The Final Oolie: What design difference did you note between this sub and U.S. subs?

You had to watch the video clip closely for this one
Notice the rotation of the breech door locking rings shown in the Russian sub video...
elapsed time 17:38:12-23 - we see the lockring rotate ccw on port upper tube #4; while at
elapsed time 17:39:32-36 - we see the lockring rotate cw on starboard lower tube #1.

What is different? See 21-Inch Submerged Torpedo Tubes No, not the direction of locking ring rotation (as initially thought); perhaps the number of blades on the fish? How about tube numbering? Russian #4 is the upper port tube. The number is even, isn't that odd? Absolutely! You Aussies may think so, too.

Now, a YouTube tribute to Italian submariner pride ... Viva Italia!

Italian submariner spirit...
That looks like fun!



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