Sunday, January 20, 2008

Under Indictment for Treason, Will the American Al Qaeda be tried or Zarqawi'd?

Capturing Adam Yahiye Gadahn, aka Azzam Azzam al-Amriki (the American) for trial on charges of treason would seem highly preferable to arranging his fate along the lines of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (October 30, 1966 – June 7, 2006), except for a few stubborn things:

1) Paying the reward money (US $25 million)

2) Life imprisonment (high security) $125,000 / year

3) Trial costs - easily over $2 Million for prosecution, appeals another $1.5 million for taxpayer-paid defense team (you didn't think CAIR was going to pay for it, did you?)

4) Aftermath publicity by liberal leaning media and authors would make Gadahn a cult hero for radical Islamist immitators.

As if his chances of surviving and being tried were not small enough, Gadahn really sealed his own fate a couple of weeks ago when he called for grave harm to a sitting U.S. president in anticipation of Bush's Middle East peace visit. Why was Sara Jane Moore, would-be Ford assassin just released from prison then, you ask? Perhaps because, unlike Gadahn, Moore is 77 years of age, her target has died, and she is not provided living and operations allowances by a U.S. enemy in return for services rendered.

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was concussion bombed to death without need to disburse $25 million in reward money, and without making him a lasting martyr or media cult figure. My forecast (in 2005) had been that he would die on or about March 9, 2006, and that the only paradise awaiting Zarqawi was as one of the dozens of virgins radical Islamist suicide bombers would meet. I owed up to my 90-day error in his actual death date (can we be sure?), and must now admit Zarqawi is probably the only virgin suicide jihadists will ever meet in their version of paradise.
Zarqawi's death was under strange circumstances: he had been found alive in the remains of his hideout, but everyone else was dead. Gadahn's death will be similarly strange. Just wait about 255 days +/- 90.
Finally, Gadahn's 2006 treason indictment hardly qualifies him for martyrdom in the eyes of fanatic Islamists.

Sammi Bin Laden needs to start spending some serious money to protect this fellow, if he really wants to keep him alive.



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