Thursday, February 14, 2008

Submarine Mystery Part #2 of 2

Posting 1 was here Submarine Quote and Mystery at Part #1 of 2

Background: Tom Clancy's first bestseller was first published by the U.S. Naval Institute Press—their first fictional work in 1984. Prior to filming The Hunt for Red October ,Tom Clancy was granted a brief ride on an SSN. Mounted in that sub's sonar room he noticed a roll of toilet paper for grease pencil erasures. He promised to include that detail in his film. True to his word, Clancy did in the 1990 film release.

The Navy gave the filmmakers unprecedented access to their submarines, allowing them to photograph unclassified sections of USS Chicago and USS Portsmouth to use in set and prop design. Key cast and crew members took rides in subs including Alec Baldwin and Scott Glenn taking an overnight trip on the USS Salt Lake City. Glenn, who played the commander of the USS Dallas, trained for his role by temporarily assuming the identity of a submarine captain on board the USS Houston (which portrayed the USS Dallas in most scenes).[1]

MYSTERY QUESTION #1: On which SSN did Tom Clancy make that particular ride?

Answer: One little-known event was a brief ride into port aboard the USS Hammerhead (SSN-663) by author Tom Clancy, prior to the filming of The Hunt for Red October. source Here is an unusual photo of the Hammerhead from

MYSTERY QUESTION #2: Were you able to find another photo of the dash-circled hull device (see Hammerhead photo), or see something similar in the following YouTube Hunt for Red October movie trailer?

Hunt for Red October movie
trailer ...

MYSTERY 'THOUGHT' QUESTION #3: What new technology (not the propulsion) was cleverly alluded to in the movie script? Unless you had been familiar with it already, you would probably never have realized what you had just heard. Don't answer this one, or expect me to tell you, but, you can certainly find it yourself.

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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