Monday, February 18, 2008

Words Cannot Express This Photo

Dedicated to the gentle, mistaken souls of Brad's Blog. (If he's still in business)!

Afghanistan - U.S. troops.

Do you see any obnoxious U.S. flags?

Do you doubt anyone's patriotism, here?

Wish you had volunteered? Wondering if I ever served?

Wondering what 'good Progessives' like you should say about courageous people like this, serving where you have always said they should be?

Shoot your foul mouths off if you like, but the truth is without the courage of troops like these you would be on the run to Canada by now, submitting to Islam, and realizing what fools you have been!

Come to think of it, you should have made your reservations by now.

Just an experienced opinion.

Thank you, troops!



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