Monday, June 16, 2008

Answer to Submarine Mystery Question

Last Friday's Mystery Question of the Week asked readers to identify N.E.S.E.P.'s purpose with an example of at least one relevant, shore duty location.

Obviously, the 4 respondents were familiar with N.E.S.E.P. and added interesting color in their comments.

Answer: NESEP was a four-year university-level training program, after which, the student went on to Officer Candidate School and an assignment in the fleet. NESEP was phased-out with 1982 graduates. Relevant duty stations; (As commenter H.S. Normal tells us, The time spent in college counted towards retirement!!) Hosting universities were relevant duty stations. Another duty station was Vanderbilt U.

Want More? Here is a brief sampling of the many individual participants and institutions you could google:

Ex-enlisted officers: Are they better? (last article item on page)

NESEP: Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program ( reunion info) note the O-5, one David G. Riley.

Robert M. Jones Cavalla Crew Interview

Anonymous Retired CPO(SS) correctly identified the NESEP officer shown here as Captain Dave Duma. Well, the boat in the atypical photo to Duma's left was the Scamp (SSN-588), the one also shown above. Subsequent to XO on the SSN 650, Duma completed PCO Training reporting to USS Scamp (SSN 588) in June 1985.

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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