Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More on Fleet Expansion

May 28, 2008 - 'Why No One Believes the Navy' -
'It's an open secret in Washington that the Navy's ship-building plans are -- oh, how to put this delicately? -- complete and utter bullshit. The 30-year, 313-ship project relies on, among other things, doubling the country's maritime construction budget, to $25 billion per year -- which most observers believe is about as likely as the tooth fairy taking command of one of the ships.'
Perhaps Congress has never heard about advertising revenue. Advertising could happen, but for crippling and marginalizing the fleet, not expanding it. Advertising logos would not be like the commercial examples shown in the photos. Rather, we can envision something symbolic of a socialist agenda such as Global Warming before the fleet rusts away in the expected heat and corrosive oceans. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Which country will advertise first? Australia, Canada or the US? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This may happen first -
When and if Obama brings all the troops home, he obviously intends to keep them employed in the military (socialists maximize government employees). If they are not military lawyers defending our enemies, for what purpose would our courageous veterans be retained - idle standby for overseas U.N. peacekeeping programs? Domestic hurricane relief or fire fighting? No wonder Obama wants to raise our taxes. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Some suggest that if we are going to be sending people all over the world, let's stop sending our congress or pacified troops. Send voters who complain loudly about how badly they have it in the US. One-way, of course. Return transportation would be available upon signed request accompanied by a one-paragraph, citizenship essay.



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