Thursday, June 05, 2008

Submarine Mystery Question of the Week and Quote

The quotation:

The principal cause of objectionable odors has been due to the design of heads and sanitary tanks, which does not feature a water trap or other seal to prevent 'pervasion of the ship with an aroma resembling in no way the attar of roses.' ... The tank must now be vented ... inboard when submerged. An activated charcoal air filter is in the inboard vent line, which removes much of the odor when the venting is done slowly and when the filter unit is replaced often. source : PART 2, SUBMARINE MEDICINE PRACTICE, CHAPTER 18, SUBMARINE HABITABILITY AND CLOTHING, section 18.3.9. Odors [emphasis added]

My guess is every submariner has breathed the indescribably foul sanitary tank vapors when submerged venting was performed with necessary dispatch. How well did the recently replaced (no budgetary concerns) activated charcoal filters work? Gasp!

Even our resident protein scroungers (two bulky MMs who sometimes stood at the garbage can where we emptied our plates after a particularly good meal and grabbed uneaten portions to consume on the spot) could not pretend to be appetized by the wonderful odor of vomit. We all have our favorite humor, but we realize submarine operation is deadly serious.

Mystery Question:
Has blowing sanitaries overboard ever resulted in loss of a submarine?

Answer on Monday. Submarines are always silent and strange.



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