Friday, June 13, 2008

Submarine Mystery Question of the Week

Seems many folks have heard of fictitious Nesep.

Unless you have some Turkish heritage, it is doubtful you understand their word nesep. Likewise, without UK residence it is doubtful you have heard of the North East Social Enterprise Partnership (NESEP).

Those who served in navy subs between 1964 - 1982, were also no doubt directly aware of Navy N.E.S.E.P. , which by the way, was not at all limited to subs. Until very recently, some of you may even have been acquainted with a N.E.S.E.P. product.

Mystery Question:

Identify N.E.S.E.P.'s purpose with an example of at least one relevant, shore duty location.

Answer on Monday. Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 14 June, 2008 09:54, Blogger Unknown said...

NESEP - Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program. The picture shown is Captain Dave Duma (my old XO on SSN650)

At 14 June, 2008 10:00, Blogger HSNormal said...

NESEP stood for Navy Enlisted Science Education Program. Its purpose was to create naval officers with bachelor's degrees in technical subjects from enlisted personnel who had demonstrated great initiative and capability during their first years of service. These individuals attended up to four years of college while on active duty, receiving their enlisted pay and allowances. The time spent in college counted towards retirement!!

Relevant shore duty could include the dread 'Naval Reactors Representative's Office' (NRRO).

The program was discontinued when it became evident that the NESEP officers were particularly likely to depart the Navy at 20 years of service, about the time they completed a department head or XO tour.

I think that's a picture of CDR Dave Duma, and therefore the sub is probably the USS SCAMP (SSN 588). Perhaps you were going to recount for us the story of their heroic rescue efforts when first on the scene of a sinking merchant ship in the Atlantic in the 1980's.

At 14 June, 2008 12:11, Blogger wtfdnucsailor said...

The previous commenters have correctly identified the NESEP program. As a Division Officer I was very pleased to nominate one of my sailors for the program and have him accepted. I, unfortunately, lost contact with him, so do not know if he completed his service. I also had the pleasure of having a NESEP graduate as a department head when I was an XO. It was a great program and I, for one, was disappointed when it was cancelled. I always understood that the cancellation was for monetary (cost to much) reasons, not the reason mentioned by h. s normal but he could be correct. The Navy would do well to revive it today for some of the stellar enlisted folks that are currently serving our country.

At 14 June, 2008 18:04, Blogger dbfcaye482 said...

It was a great program. Some of my best Dept. Head/Division officers came from that program. I could have been jealous, but wasn't. I'd been nominated for the program, but hadn't taken any chemestry. When I turned the page from the easy part & saw that, I knew I was in big trouble. Finished it anyway. Being a history major in college had left me short. Had physics & biology, but not a day of CHM. So, applied what was given & made E9 in 14 years instead.

A happily retired STCM (SS).

At 23 February, 2011 11:05, Blogger Unknown said...

NESEPs, because of their previous enlisted service, typically had enough longevity to retire after their Department Head tours, thus improving selection to XO and CO for other accession programs.


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