Sunday, September 14, 2008

Submariners, Could This Be You?

Among submariners, an unusually talented and fit group willing to endure extreme difficulties in dedication to making tough jobs seem easy are more than a few explorers with hopes of high adventure. How well do you fit this latter description?

Need to know more? (Hat Tip bookofjoe) From WIRED MAGAZINE Going to Space? First Stop: Eight Months of Grueling Training in Russia's Star City

One cannot merely purchase a ticket to the ISS. First, even wealthy adventurers must spend up to eight months at Russia's cosmonaut training facility,Star City (Zvyozdny Gorodok). There, candidates live in cramped dorms (like a submarine) in what's called the Prophylactory Building. A submarine in port for fast cruise can be called a prophylactory building.

There are a million ways I can screw up and kill everyone, says Richard Garriott, space tourist of video game fame. That's why he's getting remedial cosmonaut training.

How many times have submariners heard how many ways there are to sink a sub? Submariners are familiar with personal privations, and are well adept at coping.

WARNING: Chow will defintely not be up to submarine standards, which is well, because you would waste some of it proving you can endure vomit comets and centrifuges.

Everybody knows you can go to space if you are a perfect physical specimen and incredibly smart, Charles Simonyi, former chief architect of Microsoft says.

If a submariner, must you pay $30 million plus for passage on Russia's space flights, or, are you already considered too crazy to be allowed aboard the spacecraft? Hint: Hugo Chavez is paying much more than the $3o Million for Venezuela's subs, but he won't be making a trip either. Hmmm.



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