Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anchor Weighs In; What You Don't See: Obama's "Symbol":

It was created by Sol Sender and his team at Sender LLC, a Chicago design firm. It represents a new day rising with the morning sun indicating hope and change. The sun also is in the shape of an 'O' to stand for Obama. The red and white stripes are symbolic of the American farmland beneath the blue sky. The stripes and red, white, and blue color represent the US flag. All together it signifies that a new day is dawning over America and that Obama is in the center of that hope and change. source

What we don't see consciously:

The TV anchor is right, you know, in my opinion. Very subtle symbolism plays on our minds here. For a larger picture of the illustration, double click on it.

The stars (states) are missing. That alone implies their union is disolved.

Red and white stripes are in the roadway, a subtle indication that we will now tread upon Old Glory and marginalize the blood and sacrifices of all those who have sacrificed for our Constitutional liberties.

While we are callously treading on our unique heritage, do we realize that the white lanes of passage are political correctness?

There was more that I do not agree with and it has been removed from the above illustration and discussion. The anchor's inference was that the Obama symbol resembles the one for the terrorist organization called The Muslim Brotherhood. If curious you can search it out for yourself.



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