Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mystery Questions of the Week: ANSWERS

One reader answered all of last Friday's standard questions correctly. Congratulations to James K. Bowman, MT1(SS) SSBN 601 & SSBN 608, of Boeing Network & Space Systems.

Here are the Q & As:

1 - Who is the young lady (see photo) and what remarkable thing has she done recently?
Jennean Francis, 20, of Phoenix (Durban, South Afica) became the first KwaZulu-Natal woman to join the crew of a submarine.
2 - Whose submarine is she standing on and what is its name? The South African submarine is SAS Charlotte Maxeke (S102).
3 - Is the sub nuclear powered? No, the SAS Charlotte Maxeke is a German-built Type-209 diesel-electric.
4 - What connection does this young lady have with Phoenix, if any? Francis was a resident of Phoenix, a locale in Durban, S.A.
5 - What was the only U.S. submarine ever to run out of normal propulsion fuel during a voyage?

U.S. submarine R-14 (SS-91) ran out of fuel southeast of Hawaii in May 1921. more
6 - Which one of the following images is not currently used on an ex-submariner's blog homepage? FACT: 'B' was once stationed in New London, CT. (located on the river Thames).
'B' - Ernest Borgnine served on DD-119 and the USS Sylph (PY-12), a converted yacht devoted to antisubmarine-warfare activities throughout the war. Details here.

The other guys may or may not be balding (hair plugs on one), but they are definitely ex-submarine officers who have very interesting blogs, in my opinion.
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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