Friday, October 24, 2008

Odd Submarine Bits

BAE just awarded a multimillion-pound submarine IT contract in connection with three Astute class submarines for the Royal Navy. Caruso is worried ...

More seriously:

October 21,2008 - Russian Overtures to Venezuela Not a Threat, U.S. Official Says
- Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Shannon

Would the possibility that Iranians, who already have Project 636 (Kilo class) subs, could help train one the Venezuelan Navy (ABV) plans to purchase from Russia be of concern? There seems to be some collaboration between Caracas and Tehran.

For instance, President Hugo Chavez also converted Venezuela's time zone last year to better conform with Tehran versus Washington: When it is 3:00 PM in Caracas it is 11:00 PM in the Islamic Republic of Iran (Tehran), but quite oddly, it is 3:30 PM in Washington, D.C.

Personally, I hope Presidente Chavez does name his new sub ABV Simon Bolivar instead of ABV Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. No wonder our Navy's 4th Fleet was reactivated last year.



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