Friday, October 31, 2008

Submariner Treats for Zombies

Number One - Campaign Fatigue
Trick - How many of us feel this way: Sorry, no answers from me, just doom and gloom today, says submandave in You Have Set the World on Fire.

Treat - Well, maybe Bob Hope's humor will help...

Number Two - Sea Quarks

Trick - Does anyone really understand this: Such sea quarks are much less stable, and they annihilate each other very quickly within the interior of the hadron. They are thought to be born from the splitting of a gluon, and thus when a sea quark is annihilated, new gluons are produced.[53] You are not alone: Hence physicists need a new explanation of how a charm quark attached to an antistrange quark should have this particular mass.

Treat - For the nucs on your favorite boat:

Number Three - Subs

Tricks - The Camberwell submarine and the electric shaver for submariners (on screen video shows it working underwater).

Treat - Feds interrogate submariner. Why did he switch from Blue to Gold?



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