Monday, October 27, 2008

We All Live in a Strange World - Sorry, Beattles

Here's the promised UPDATE: The bogus item was 'C -'.
The following are all true as reported in the links following:
A - link.
B - link.
D - link.
E - link.

Only one of the following is bogus. But which?

A - [The] Court rejected defense arguments that the three should be beheaded, instead of being executed by firing squad, which, they argued, did not guarantee instant death and would amount to torture. CATEGORY: CRUEL and UNUSUAL CAPITAL PINISHMENT - DEFENSE REQUEST BEHEADING

B - Europe's gravity mission has been bumped to next year because of ongoing technical problems with its launcher. CATEGORY: LAUNCHER OVERCOMES GRAVITY

C - Congress is expected to add the name Barnett Frank to the register of future Navy ship names 6 months after Obama's election. CATEGORY: SPOILS of POLITICS

D - Astronaut High School's Fight Song is suspiciously like the old Budweiser theme song ending, This Bud's for you! CATEGORY: FIGHT SONGS

E - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threatened on Saturday to imprison his main political rival, intensifying a campaign against a man he calls a crime boss just a month before he faces tough regional elections. CATEGORY: LIMITING the COMPETITION

Answer Update tomorrow.



At 31 October, 2008 10:33, Blogger submandave said...

re item D: The song ends "When you say 'Budweiser,' you've said it all" and is actually even older than the "This Bud's for you" campaign. I remember the old Budweiser song from the late sixties, but "This Bud's for you" wasn't introduced until 1979.

On a side note, the Vanderbilt band had a deal with the on-campus Budweiser distributer and he gave up a free keg every time we played the Budweiser song on air. As a result, it didn;t matter what we were doing, even if we were playing the school fight song, if a camera turned on us we'd stop and immediately break into "When you say Bud..."

At 31 October, 2008 13:30, Blogger Vigilis said...

Great nostalgia, Submandave. Thanks for sharing and correcting.


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