Monday, November 24, 2008

Interesting Theory of the U.S. Policy to Deal with Piracy

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EagleSpeak tackled the theory last week (recommended), providing some clear logic and 'law of the sea' basis underlying his inclination to generally discount it.

Here is the theory:
The growing Somali pirate menace will provide President Obama with a clear, convincing, and early opportunity to demonstrate his comfort with using force in defense of international peace and security.

Here's the basic rationale:
A carefully crafted, anti-pirate strategy would not only command multinational support, it would instantly contrast Obama's prowess with Bush's alleged cowboy approach to the conduct of world affairs.

More you should know about piracy...
By the 1790s, the U.S. was depositing an astonishing 20% of its federal income into North African coffers... Trying to buy off the pirates encouraged more piracy --

In contrast to the refusal to unite with America during the Barbary Wars, or more recently the Iraq War, the European states today share America's interest in restoring peace to the seas.

The Boston Globe recently reported: Piracy in the heavily trafficked Gulf of Aden and a widening arc of the Indian Ocean has more than doubled so far this year, with 80 ships attacked and 60 hijacked.

Military analyst Maj. W. Thomas Smith Jr. (SCSG) :
Admiral Mullen was ‘stunned’ by the pirate attack taking place so far from the coast, about 450 miles offshore. The attack in fact was a bit surprising. It was bold, very risky for the attackers, and much farther out into the so-called ‘blue water’ than previous attacks we’ve seen by similar bands in recent history. [bold color emphasis mine]
The big picture (reflects declining international economy):

Why the submarine photos up top? M.E. believes the piracy theory may gain traction.


Submarines are always silent and strange.



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