Monday, November 17, 2008

ITS Pelosi's "Commemoration of Submariners Killed"

Recommended by M.E.:

A brief (3:02) Youtube (below) of a naval tribute to departed submariners. Why is this important? Read on. The YouTube exhibits 3 features as yet undupilcated for worldwide web consumption by a curious public:

1- Prominent Involvement of 85% of the sub's Officers (6 of 7) in a
2- Wreath laying ceremony to the accompaniment of the
3- Italian Submariners Song (words translated here: Canzone dei Sommergibilisti)

The point of this is to highlight the wonderful spirit that deserves emulation by other navies. Certainly, one will find wreath laying for Easter, national law enforcement officers, unknown soldiers, Veterans and Remembrance Days, and HMAS Sydney (645 perished).

With current submarine recruiting as difficult as it has become (i.e. UK and Australia) why have admirals missed such an obvious opportunity to promote the silent service?

Here's the wreath laying ceremony (Commemorazione sommergibilisti caduti):

On the ITS Salvatore PELOSI (S522), improved Sauro class sub, commissioned in 1988 at Monfalcone shipyard. All submarine navies including Russia and the U.S. might do well to emulate this periodic tribute for recruiting purposes alone if no other.



At 24 November, 2008 12:06, Blogger Michele Brami said...

I'm the "cameraman" of the short video (and at that time I was also Chief of Operations Officer). I'm glad that it is linked from such a nice blog. Thank you for sharing that video!

"Two things exist at sea: submarines and targets."

At 20 January, 2009 14:24, Blogger Vigilis said...

Ciao, Michele B.! We are obviously impressed with the quality of your camerawork. Thanks for your kind comments.


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