Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Remember Submariners When You Hear "Happy Thanksgiving!"

Remember all of our brothers serving on submarines during our national Thanksgiving...

Qualifying was no picnic, either:

Quotes from here ...

On submarines, when the shit hits the fan, there's only one way to run... Right into it. Nobody with a living brain cell can ever, ever call a submarine sailor a coward just because he's not dodging bullets somewhere. - SonarMan


We never had to go off station because we couldn't fix or adapt to a broken piece of equipment. We never had to go off station because someone got hurt or because of family problems back home... You, the men of the Augusta, fixed it when it got broken and you, the families of Augusta, handled problems as they arose and made sure the ship could continue to perform, ‘Any Mission, Any Time,' ” Haumer said. “I thank you.” - Cmdr. Mike A. Haumer, CO, USS Augusta (SSN-710)


One of our crewmen needed a sedative after a practice, MK 45 ASTOR dented our outer hull just inches from the rack where he had been sleeping. A 'nuclear torpedo' hitting that close and personal was his alarm clock from hell. As you might expect, we found humor and tried to imagine what our own reactions might have been. - Vigilis


Extreme Creatures ...
Who suffer no attrition upon news their kind are sunk,
Who endure sunless weeks on end in want of their own bunk.

Disturbed from precious sleep by those dreaded, alarming sounds,
When the latest hazard has sprung out of its nearby bounds.

Sacrifices are certain for these devoted volunteers,
Qualifications demanded by a jury of their peers.

In clear illustration of “24-7’s” meaning,
There is no phoning home during silent submarining.

- Juan Caruso Davenport HM1(SS) (nom de plume)



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