Sunday, November 09, 2008

Tragic Evidence the Real U.S.Submarine Stealth Strategy Works

Last July Molten Eagle ridiculed Norman Polmar's criticism of U.S. submarine admirals opposed to non-nuclear submarine construction in U.S. shipyards. We later satirized Polmar's notion of a submarine mafia, and M.E. applauded the Navy's preference for an all nuclear sub fleet. Why? Here is what we said:

In the foreseeable future (next 10-15 years, or so), no military competitor of the U.S. can construct, crew and maintain nuclear submarines with the effectiveness and efficiency with which the United States maintains its fleet. Business majors will recognize the United State's enviable niche in terms of S.W.O.T. analysis. The nuclear niche gives the U.S. a distinct naval advantage to help assure our ongoing military primacy.

Other nations (India, China, Brazil, Venezuela, etc.) will try to emulate the success of our half-century-plus learning curve, but they will spend a fortune in time and money to attain 50% effectiveness of their so-called nuclear submarine fleets. They must try, however, and that is the U.S. strategy. We will no doubt assist our allies to a prudent extent.

Could the Chinese simply throw warm bodies (replacements) from their million-man Peoples Liberation Army Navy at a more disciplined effort? Certainly, but strict discipline alone does not capable nuclear submariners make!

At the time, there had been some tragic Russian nuclear sub accidents.
Now there has been a new tragedy on Nerpa. Q.E.D. perhaps?

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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