Thursday, November 20, 2008

"What's the Story" with this Nuclear Submarine Photo?

About a year ago, M.E. quoted Bothenook's opinion of a boat on which we had both served in different decades.

Recently, he provided a link to interesting, but seldom seen photographic history of the boat, the Sub that had PMS (Perpetual Modifications Syndrome). Two of the photos showed signs of unusual maintenance activity. The clearest photo is shown above. Plexiglass windowpanes can be seen faintly in the lower, forward sail. These panoramic accessories had been welded over by the time we reported aboard. For a high-def enlargement, go here. Notice the absence of any hull numbers on the sail?

The submarine was maintained in sound condition considering several of the experiments (including a sodium-cooled nuclear reactor), mishaps, and various roles she fulfilled not to be discussed.
Questions of the Week:
So, what's the story in the photograph showing exposed piping (outer hull plating has been removed, or fallen off for some reason)? The result is somewhat equivalent to driving your car with it's hood missing: Obviously, not recommended.
No answers here, yet. We will have to see what an informed reader says, if anything. Since Life magazine took the photos, a trip to library archives might solve the mystery. Problem is, we have two editions of Life featuring this sub, without the photos or the details. Perhaps the Submarine Force did not give permission to publish at the time. What was the year?
Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 20 November, 2008 17:49, Blogger rick said...

I know what the boat is, but dont know the details of the photo.

I really enjoy these questions, thanks for posting them!


At 20 November, 2008 22:06, Blogger bothenook said...

interesting. not sure what the hell they are doing, but it's probably something to do with shakedown or post mod trials. i see piping, but don't remember what the hell is there. snorkle exhaust piping from the engineroom, maybe.
getting old, brain cells are dieing by the zillions


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