Friday, December 05, 2008

Exposing a Subliminal War Zone

Unless you consider yourself nuanced, that is, having sensibilities to and awareness of delicate shadings of meaning, feeling, or value, you may wish to read no further.

Definition from Merriam-Webster Online:
sub·lim·i·nal - existing or functioning below the threshold of consciousness

How could anyone forget the irrational protests from February 2006 - CBS/AP)

Outrage over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad escalated in the Arab and Islamic world Thursday, with Palestinian gunmen briefly kidnapping a German citizen and protesters in Pakistan chanting "death to France" and "death to Denmark." ... The cartoons were first published in September in a Danish
newspaper, touching off anger among Muslims who knew about it. The issue reignited last week after Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador to Denmark.

Highly sensitized journalists certainly do not forget; yet, some are nuanced enough to use language just short of inflammatory. Just happenstance you say? More likely, these are intentionally coded messages (fingers in the eye) to a subversive, Islamic organization residing in the United States under the guise of legitimacy.

Consider the wording used in two articles, published in the mainstream print media, illustrated below. Beyond the 'pork' imagery, the respective publication dates also merit some serious attention. The term hamstrung referring to Osama bin Laden was used by the Washington Times on December 5, 2006. The phrase pan-Islamic grievances used exactly two year later by the New York Times on December 4, 2008, referred to motivational information provided to the Mumbai terrorists by Hafiz Mohammad Saeed. Saeed is a Lashkar leader identified by the surviving Mumbai attacker.

If anyone was intentionally agitated by these journalists it cannot be the poor street Muslims who do not read English language news. We can be fairly certain, however, that the seditious intellectuals at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are put off by the language, and its implications.

As a slightly less boisterous, protesting and litgious CAIR now realizes, infidels finally "get it". Some of us have seen through their false veil of respect for the U.S. Constitution for some time now. But now, even some in our press no longer appear sympathetic to them.
The publication coincidences go beyond pork imagery and the striking dates. Both publications have the word Times in their names. All of this tends to make message coding unmistakable.
While we may still harbor our doubts about coded messages (where is the 2007 article?), certain rogues will no longer have that luxury.
Congratulations for getting this far; you may consider yourself nuanced!


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