Monday, December 01, 2008

Questions of the Week:

Who said this?
I would write love poems to Rosalynn and write poems just about things that went on on the submarine.

Answer: Jimmy Carter (President of the United States, 1977-1981), poet, novelist, and former submariner. Jimmy Carter, Life on a Killer Submarine from his book Always A Reckoning

What was the name of the submarine?

Answer: USS Pomfret (SS-391) [29 DEC 1948 - 1 FEB 1951 ] ; USS K-1 (SSK 1) [1951 - 16 OCT 1952].

The center photo was different and, therefore, was the hint.
An anonymous reviewer wrote this excerpt about the Carter book shown:
Other poems in ALWAYS A RECKONING are laugh-out-loud funny, such as, Progress Does Not Always Come Easy, which describes the trials and tribulations Jimmy Carter underwent when he successfully passed his first legislation (ensuring that deceased citizens lose their voting rights), which turned out to be quite unpopular in every precinct with a cemetery! ALWAYS A RECKONING is a rare gem of a book that gives readers a sense of the inner beauty of Jimmy Carter's heart and soul.

The subject for the other photos was Leonard Cohen's muse, Suzanne Verdal, inspiration for the Canadian poet and Hall of Fame singer-songwriter's world famous song, Suzanne. Judy Collins was the first to have a hit with Suzanne in English. But it soon went around the world. Pauline Julien sang it in French. A pre-Abba Frida sang it in Swedish. There's even a Polish version. In fact, the song has been covered hundreds of times, although it's impossible to ignore the original. Even Leonard Cohen himself can't hide his pride. 'It's a good song; seems to have lasted. To place a song into the air and have it last 20 years, it's a wonderful feeling,' he says.
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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