Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Nuclear Power Mystery You Probably Missed Until Now

YouTube below:

November 10th, 2008 - A micro nuclear reactor in your garden?
The plant was made by Los Alamos scientists, the American governmental labs that made the first atomic bomb. The miniature plants will be sealed and their parts are non-detachable and impossible to steal because they will be fixed with concrete and buried underground.

The American government offered the license to Hyperion, a company located in New Mexico. Hyperion executive director John Deal declared that he already received serious offers and will start production in five years time. Deal said he has more than 100 orders.

Think About It:
Global warming. Dependence on foreign oil. Infrastructure vulnerable to natural and manmade catastrophes. Undrinkable water, poverty, disease, social unrest.

These increasingly serious problems can only be solved by finding solutions to the ever-expanding energy crisis.

Invented at the famed Los Alamos National Laboratory, Hyperion small modular power reactors make all the benefits of safe, clean nuclear power available for remote locations. For both industrial and community applications, Hyperion offers reliable energy with no greenhouse gas emissions. Hyperion power is also cheaper than fossil fuels and, when you consider the cost of land and materials, watt to watt, Hyperion’s innovative energy technology is even more affordable than many developing 'alternative' energy technologies

How Much do a certain ex-VP and a bunch of corrupt politicians stand to benefit from crippling the U.S. electric utility infrastructure?



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