Monday, March 09, 2009

ANSWERS - Mystery Questions of the Week for 3-6-2009

ANSWERS (Kudos to Rick for getting several answers correct):
1 ) - What U.S. submarine was this (name and hull number)? This was the former USS Shark (hull # SS-08), redesignated as the A-7 in 1911.
2 ) - In what body of water were these scenes recorded? The post cards scenes were recorded in Manila Bay, Phillipine Islands. A-7, based at at Cavite with her sister ships conducted torpedo trials, diving operations, patrols and other trials in Manila Bay.
3 ) - During WW1 what happened to a CO of this submarine? In the early era of submarining, gasoline engines provided propulsive power. Lt. (j.g.) Arnold Marcus assumed command of the A-7 in the Spring of 1917. The boat's gasoline engine had been recently overhauled. Engine fumes ignited causing explosion and fire during A-7's patrol in Manila Bay. Marcus and his men battled the blaze. The last man to emerge from the crippled submarine, Marcus sent distress signals to the monitor Monadnock. He then took the helm in an attempt to beach the ship.
Marcus refused medical treatment until after all of his men had been treated (six would later die) and he had to be ordered to leave his post. The gallant Marcus died the next day 25 July 1917, of the effects of the explosion and fire that had ravaged his command. The Navy recognized this young officer's selfless heroism in naming a ship, Marcus (Destroyer No. 321), in his honor. source
4 ) - Considering the fates of later submarines with this name, are submariners superstitious?
As a lot U.S. submariners are decidedly not superstitious. For instance, USS Shark (SS-314) was sunk Oct 44 during its 3rd WW2 patrol by depth charge off South Formosa (all men lost). Earlier, Feb 42, USS Shark (SS-174) had been sunk on its 2nd war patrol (all men lost). more
Contrary Submariner Superstition Comment: Lieutenant Igor Vasilenko, an officer from the Irkutsk submarine, committed suicide when the Irkutsk arrived in the Zvezda plant on November 26. He shot himself in his cabin on board the submarine. Superstitious seamen said that the Kursk's damnation haunts every submarine of the Antei class. THE KURSK'S DAMNATION - Yury Golotyuk, Vremya Novostei, November 30, 2001.
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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