Sunday, April 12, 2009

President Obama "Gets It"!

A few days ago, we remarked, Time Will Tell Whether Our Commander-in-Chief Really Gets It.

Had Capt. Phillips died, even accidentally, the NAVY and U.S. military would have lost more face in a single day than the USMC gained in their successful surge.

Icelandic sailors were allowed to show more grit in their "cod wars" with the UK than the US had been showing to defiant pirates. Every time the pirates have collected a ransom their numbers, resolve, morale and sophistication have grown.

Lawyers should consult, but otherwise ought not be involved in maintaining open shipping lanes, much less in directing military ops! Obama made the only defensible decision available to a U.S. Commander-in-Chief in overruling the high and mighty lawyers.

It is a proud day for Pres. Obama and America!

The successful SEAL operation assures that next time the wait need not be so long. The White House staff lawyers have just been shown their rightful place in matters military.



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